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Floral Beige Silk Tie - Heavier Weight


The Stanley Lewis collection of luxury silk Heavier Weight Ties are available in selected designs only. This men's tie weighs approximately 71 grams while our Regular Ties weigh approximately 50 grams. This Heavier Weight Tie gives a more full bodied appearance while the Regular Ties display a softer drape.  It is the wool interlining not the weight of the silk that gives this option. The soft beige base color provides the perfect background for this delicate floral silk tie in aquamarine. Remember there is no correct weight for a tie; it is purely a matter of personal choice as to whether you prefer a heavier and solid tie, or a lighter and softer tie.                                                                                                                                                                                                Heavier Weight Tie (approx. 71 grams) - Handmade in Italy

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