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Signature Ruby Stripe Tie - Heavier Weight


The Stanley Lewis collection of luxury silk ties have selected designs available in as a Heavier Weight Tie. This red tie design weighs approximately 85 grams while our Regular Weight Tie weighs approximately 57 grams. A Heavier Weight Tie gives a more full bodied appearance while the Regular Weight Tie displays a softer drape.  It is the thickness of the wool interlining not the weight of the silk that gives this option. This stunning men's tie design features impressive stripes on a rich red background. Remember there is no correct weight for a men's tie; it is purely a matter of personal choice as to whether you prefer a heavier or lighter weight tie. This handmade tie is made from Mogador - 60% luxury Silk and 40% Cotton and has a blade measuring 8.5cm. and comes perfectly presented in a luxurious tie box.                                                                                                                                                                                               Heavier Weight Tie (approx. 85 grams) - Handmade in Italy

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