Times are a changing…

September 17th, 2014

Today it is not only the weather that is constantly changing.  These days it is hard to keep up with the goings on in the world.  Global communication is lightning fast and we know what is happening on the other side of the world literally in a flash!

It is the same with fashion.  Everchanging.  Unpredictable. Exciting.  There are no rules to follow.  Wake up and dress to your own mood.  Feeling grey – keep to the mood and don some charcoals, black and browns.  Or,  rebel like blazes and dispel your mood with brights and humour.  Whatever, it is your choice.  Stanley Lewis men’s accessories is the answer with its extensive collection of high end Italian made accessories.  Interrupt that dull charcoal suit and add colour and character with bright mens socks, a divine silk pocket square, or a handsome mens scarf.  Do little or do it all but do not make the mistake by doing nothing at all. Try “Hot Pink Square Socks” by Stanley Lewis, paired with the “Magenta Star” Linen Pocket Square, “Vercelli” Grey Woollen Scarf and a pair of Solitaire Sterling Silver Cufflinks for a WOW! sure to impress.

For those more classic conservative occassions, Stanley Lewis mens accessories can still glam up any traditional suit and keep the old boys happy.  The perfect start would be with the “President” silk pocket square.  This pocket square features silver polka dots on a classic navy background.  Keeping cool, conservative and confident, add Stanley Lewis “Navy Rhombus” mens socks, a “Striped Wine & White Silk Tie” and Voila!  Still conservative but making a statment all the same.  And let’s face it, no one wants to go unnoticed.

Hot Pink Square Socks

Solitaire Noir Silver Cufflinks

Magenta Star Linen Pocket Square

Signature Classic Gray Stripe Tie

Vercelli Blue Woollen Scarf

It should be Father’s Day everyday

April 9th, 2014

With Father’s Day fast approaching it becomes a time for reflection on just how important our Dad’s really are.  We usually find ourselves running hurriedly into stores searching for that last minute Father’s Day gift idea with a desire to get it just right.  Father’s Day is more than finding the perfect gift for Dad.  It is a day to say thank you and acknowledge how important our Dad’s really are.

My Dad defined me.  He help build my character and was always there to protect and guide me.  He taught me right from wrong in no uncertain terms and praised me for all my achievements, no matter how small.  My Dad was 6 foot 6 inches tall in statue but even taller in character and integrity.  It was always near impossible trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift.  But with persistence came success and some on Father’s Days an elaborate home cooked four course meal accompanied by a good bottle of red would do the trick.  You see, it is not always about the physical gift, it is about the gesture and the love you put into the gift.  Most Dad’s I know are happy with a hug, being told they are loved and sharing a family day on Father’s Day.  Father’s Day gifts are great but lets not just give them on Father’s Day let’s give them continually cause Dad’s are simply the best and need to be shown how special they are.

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Dad’s – we love you!

Plaid Power Pack 2

Jumbo Jim's Box of Socks (5 Pairs)

Imperial Gold Tie and Socks

Herringbone Sky Pocket Square

Silver Cufflinks - Azure Rectangle

Orbit Sky Blue Silk Scarf

You can invite Stanley Lewis to Weddings, Parties, anything…

March 5th, 2014

Stanley Lewis, makers of  fine men’s accessories have stood proud, accessorizing many a man for the most important day of his life – his wedding.  One of the most impressive attributes with the collection is the high quality of product. Stanley Lewis is fast becoming the premier designer of choice for the A Lister’s.  The plethora of colors and designs make it the one stop shop for the perfect bridal party.

Long gone are the days where weddings were black tie events only, today’s fashion savvy men can now enjoy the excitement of color on their special day.  Harmonizing the bridal party is key to having that successful wedding album.  Whatever the frock color look for a tie to accent the color but don’t stop there.  Pair the men’s tie with matching or coordinating socks and then complete the look with a strong silk pocket square and silver cufflinks.

It seems Stanley Lewis men’s accessories have become the perfect gift for men including wedding parties.  Each accessory comes in its own handmade box tied with satin ribbon.  A personal gift card can be added at no cost.  These luxurious men’s accessories play a key part in harmonizing the wedding party and make an impressive gift for men as well.

Remember a wedding does not have to be a formal event – have some fun and add a dash of color and personality.  It is one of the happiest days of your life and what better way to bring a smile to everyone’s face than donning a pair of Stanley Lewis colourful men’s socks.  Your guests will love it!

Fuschia Pink Printed Paisley Tie & Sock Set

'Como' Light Khaki Silk Pochette

'King of Hearts' Flush- Silver Cufflinks

Tranquility Paisley Black Striped Tie and Socks

Fuschia Twirl Linen Pocket Square

Noir 'Spiral' Silver Cufflinks

Bordeaux Floral Tie and Socks

Gold Pocket Square

Silver Cufflinks - Topaz Flora

Stanley Lewis Ties & Socks – The Heroes in Men’s Accessories

February 12th, 2014

It started with a glance.  A simple yet thorough glance taking in the entire landscape of well dressed, suited up gorgeous men! Anne Harding, Founder and Director of Stanley Lewis men’s accessories, spent a good part of her life in transit lounges traveling from city to city.  Always booked on the ‘red eye’ Harding would find herself surrounded by a plethora of ‘suits’ eagerly planning for the day ahead.  It was usually on the return trip that she found time to really survey the landscape as the transit lounges we overflowing with tired, disgruntled execs.  What was staring her in the face was the lack of attention to detail or adventure when it came to men pairing accessories with their bespoke suits.  It could be Zegna, Armani or bespoke suiting  the story was always the same:  the threads were impressive, the tie worked well, even the occasional well matched cufflinks would appear BUT….when it came down to those socks, what a disaster.  It appears men have been of the mindset that if they cannot see something no one else can.  WRONG!  There is nothing more off putting that sitting opposite a well suited man and scrolling down to his feet and finding the most common problem in men’s dressing – the socks.  What I will never understand is that socks are the most inexpensive part of a man’s attire yet is so often overlooked.  And let’s face it, men’s socks can really make or break an outfit.

So this is where it all began with Harding setting off on an adventure to rid the world of those unsightly socks.  After two years of research and development Italy was to become the home base for Stanley Lewis men’s accessories.  Harding works alongside some of the world’s leading makers of men’s accessories creating an intrinsic collection of fine Italian made accessories for men.  The unsurpassed quality of all product has seen Stanley Lewis men’s accessories line the shelves of some of the worlds most exclusive stores. Harding says “Working with the best makers in the world gives me the opportunity to excel with quality.  The Italian firms provide a quality and service of yesteryear and share the vision and passion to work together in creating these masterpieces”.

Today Stanley Lewis men’s accessories are available online only.  Harding saw early the direction retail was heading and her focus quickly changed to building the online store.  This also gave Harding the opportunity to focus on developing the niche market Stanley Lewis had always been intended for.  Harding is tight lipped about her cliental commenting it is both a privilege and honor to have the Stanley Lewis collection of men’s accessories chosen by so many A-Listers.  Are you one?

Stanley Lewis ‘Inspired by the need for balance’

Imperial Pink Tie and Socks

Blue Linen Pocket Square

Silver Cufflinks - Intensity

Orbit Sky Blue Silk Scarf

Will you be my Valentine Stanley Lewis?

February 5th, 2014

Well here it is again…another Valentine’s Day is upon us and as usual it is the last minute rush with trying to find a gift for guys that really does impress.

This year I want something different, lasting and shows that I have really put some thought and effort into my selection. Finding the right men’s gift is always such a frustrating chore with the offer usually falling well short on quality and style.  The year is different for me- I have discovered Stanley Lewis gifts for men are the perfect gift for my Valentine.  All Stanley Lewis products are made in Italy by the best craftsmen and come presented in a  handmade branded orange box which is tied with satin ribbon. I am in love!  Now all I have to do is make the selection from the hundreds of desirable men’s accessory designs on offer.

The Stanley Lewis website helps with my selection with the featured ‘Harmonize With’ section on each of the product pages which gives stylists suggestions on what to pair with what.  I now have the confidence that this years Valentine’s Gift for my man will be perfect.  My man is a great sock fan so I am going to start with his feet and work my way up with my selection of mens accessories.  The fuschia pink paisley and stripe sock combo will work a treat as a Valentine’s gift – he just loves colour so this is a great start.  Using the ‘Harmonize With’ feature I have added the ‘Como’ silk pochette which I just love and intend to borrow – I have a jacket in an interesting tweed which has been screaming out for some love and this pocket square is perfect.  The piece de resistance are ‘The King of Hearts’ cufflinks – again just the right men’s accessory for a Valentine’s Day gift.  These are a true masterpiece and are handmade in Vicenza, Italy. My man is not into neckties so we shall be giving that category a big miss and stick to the mens socks, silver cufflinks and the brilliant khaki green pocket square.

If I didn’t have his heart before – I know I most definately will now.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and Happy Shopping at Stanley Lewis – undoubtedly the best selection of quality gifts for men.  Oh…and did I mention I just LOVE the packaging!

Fuschia Pink Paisley & Stripe Socks

'Como' Light Khaki Silk Pochette

'King of Hearts' Flush- Silver Cufflinks

A Connoisseur’s Collection of Handmade Men’s Ties

December 3rd, 2013

Stanley Lewis has fast made its name as the connoisseur of men’s accessories with its’ extensive and superlative collection of men’s ties.  This unique collection offers selected designs with a different blade width or, with a different weight.  There is no other men’s tie brand known to offer such a personal choice.

Each of the mens ties from the Stanley Lewis collection is created using simply the best silk in the world.  Located in Como, Italy, the company who create this luxurious silk are renowned for supplying the silk for the most expensive men’s tie in the world.  The silk yarn grade for all Stanley Lewis men’s ties is A6 which is simply, the best.

Catering for discerning men of all ages, the Stanley Lewis men’s tie collection offers a choice of either 7.5cm or 8.5cm blade width.  And for the man who prefers a robust knot tie, selected tie designs are available in a heavier weave.  There is no dictating of style from Stanley Lewis – you have a choice of the weight of your tie the blade width of your tie as well of a plethora of unique and impressive designs.  What a refreshing trait indeed.

When it comes time to make your next men’s tie selection, take time to remember at Stanley Lewis you really do have a choice.  Visit http://www.stanleygentlemen.com/products/ties/ to view the entire collection of superlative men’s ties.

Bronze Paisley Silk Tie Heavier WeightOrange 'Faille' Striped TieAztec Carnelian Paisley Printed Silk Tie


More than a Pop of Colour: Stanley Lewis

October 7th, 2013

Enjoy this great read thanks to Fraquoh and Franchomme from the men’s style fashion blog, Style Attire.  http://attireclub.org/2013/10/05/pop-color-stanley-lewis/

Since the beginning of this century, men’s fashion has taken off probably more than ever, but the world of stylish men still lacks a lot of products and is kind of empty compared to the one of women. In their conversations, many guys feel like they have a revelation each time they find out about a brand that’s original and creative that they can incorporate in their wardrobe. This is why we like to write about collections and brands we feel men will be happy to get to know and find their inspiration in.

Stanley Lewis is a brand that appeared exactly out of the wish to balance out the big world of women’s accessories with the almost nonexistent world of colorful men’s accessories. Since most brands create products for men that are very dark, the founders of SL had this incredible idea to cater to men who wish to wear more color. And we’re happy that they did.

The Ruby Flora Silver Cufflinks are an original piece. The Ruby Flora Silver Cufflinks are an original piece.


The accessories created by Stanley Lewis are great for any guy and appropriate for many occasions, as you find one finds floral motifs, paisley, dots, and stripes ranging from the more traditional side to the regal and the playful. We like the ties, the pocket squares and the socks, which are available in vibrant hues as well as subtle, but very rich and wonderful tones.

A great pattern always goes with a nice solid color that finds itself in the pattern. A great pattern always goes with a nice solid color that finds itself in the pattern.


In a way, we feel that Stanley Lewis is a brand that would fit perfectly a guy who knows what he wants and who wishes to express himself through his appearance, but we would foremost recommend it to younger men who are learning about style and who will learn a lot from them about colors and fabrics.

A color combination often found in nature. There are ways of speaking about who you are in a more subtle way. A color combination often found in nature. There are ways of speaking about who you are in a more subtle way.


The Italy-made products of SL come in such vivid colors and match so easily and nice that they are in themselves a lesson of style and colorful elegance. Color is the key-word here and we know that this is what so many men wish for.

SL offers combos of ties and socks. That's such a guy thing. SL offers combos of ties and socks. That’s such a guy thing.


Why should you wear color though? We have a say that goes: “In fashion, the ordinary should always be extraordinary”. Isn’t that a good enough reason?

Fraquoh and Franchomme

There’s more than meet the eye with Stanley Lewis men’s accessories

October 1st, 2013

The Stanley Lewis collection of fine gentlemen’s accessories are all made in Italy by the world’s most admired and respected craftsmen.  Know with confidence, you will be stepping out in style and luxury each time you wear a piece from this exclusive collection.

To begin with, the Stanley Lewis men’s tie collection has the world’s most acclaimed silk maker to thank for their unsurpassed quality.  Located in Como, Italy, Stanley Lewis mens ties are woven using the finest silk and expertise. The silk yarn grade is A6, which is simply, the best. The silk used in creating these luxurious mens ties is four ply pure silk requiring 30% more volume to achieve the generous thread count.  It is this feature which gives the silk the beautiful feeling and texture of the best in the world. Finally, the silk is finished using only natural techniques such as steam and brushing so that the end product is the finest, softest available. Each of these men’s ties is driven by an intense passion by our makers in Como,  who handstitch each tie to perfection.

Now onto keeping our feet dapper and comfortable: the Stanley Lewis men’s sock collection certainly has the Wow! factor.  Apart from the most extensive and amazing styles, Stanley Lewis mens socks are made in Brecia, Italy by THE leader in the hoisery industry.  It took nearly 5 years for Stanley Lewis to finally source a maker who would break with traditional values and help in creating a sock collection sure to impress even the most conservative.  It took many months of trial and error before finding a solution that guaranteed Stanley Lewis would NEVER, EVER produce dull and boring men’s socks.  Using the finest mercerized cotton blend, Stanley Lewis men’s socks stand alone from the rest.

This is probably enough information overload for the moment.  In the next Stanley Lewis blog we shall discuss the unique qualities of the silver cufflink collection, the extensive pocket square collection, and that amazing men’s scarf collection.

Until next time…

Colour your world with Men’s Accessories

August 9th, 2013

We all appreciate how difficult it can be to add style and personality to a man’s outfit.  We often get caught up in the confusion of what is right in fashion and lose our way altogether. It can be as easy however, as adding the right men’s accessories to an outfit to turn what was a drab and boring look into a complete fashion statement.

Stanley Lewis men’s accessories offer the perfect solution to your daily fashion dilemmas.  The online site offers a ‘Harmonize With’ section which gives you everchanging suggestions on what to wear to maximize your wardrobe.  If you are in search of a new men’s tie for instance, the Stanley Lewis website makes recommendations as to what is the perfect pocket square, socks, cufflinks and scarf to coordinate and bring out the best in fashion.  This simple yet practical feature makes it almost impossible to fail. 

Have fun when selecting your men’s accessories - take the navy from that classical striped silk tie and pair it with paisley socks which may have navy as a base color and red featured in the design.  Add a splash of colour with a red silk or linen pocket square and finally, a pair of silver cufflinks with red or navy.  How simple it all sounds and how simple it really is.  But as a fall back, remember the Stanley Lews ‘Harmonize With’ feature is available on all product pages of the online site, and guarantees you to have the best men’s accessories in town! 

Stanley Lewis men’s accessories offer something for everyone.  The extensive collection of Italian made fashion accessories have been carefully designed to pair with other designs within the collection. So whether it be a cool, casual Sunday or that all important board meeting, the Stanley Lewis collection of luxury accessories will deliver every time.

The Key to Color is with Men’s Accessories

July 15th, 2013

We all know how difficult it is to inject just the right amount of color into an outfit, particularly when it comes to business attire. Subtle accents in men’s accessories are the perfect way to transform that dark and dreary 3 piece into a number set to impress.  

One key men’s accessory which sets the tone with ease is a good quality silk tie.  This is a great starting point and can be the center piece for selecting the right men’s accessories.  Hone into one of the prominent colors of the tie and use this as your base.  From here on in, it’s a breeze.  Say you have teamed a red and blue paisley tie with your charcoal ‘Boardwalk Empire’ double breasted number.  First decision is to pick a color from the silk tie which will guide you when selecting your other men’s accessories.  

In this case, let’s say we have selected red – why not then pair a silk pocket square which also features red or maybe even blue?  It could be a contrasting design such as striped, polka or the like.  The main aim is for the pocket square to compliment the silk tie and not compete with it.

Likewise when selecting your designer socks – a solid red or red with a subtle blue design would work a treat.  Men’s socks today have become an essential part of dressing and are often the hero in men’s accessories.  The selection of men’s socks can say more to the world than you will ever know – remember just because you cannot see your socks doesn’t mean for a second that no one else can! There is nothing worse than gazing at a well dressed suit complete with all the right men’s accessories, right down to that designer watch and ipad, and then Woah!!!!  There’s those socks…often tired, black or navy, pilled and BORING!  This indicates immediate failure in the fashion stakes and it doesn’t matter how expensive that bespoke suit was or those custom made Italian leather shoes, nothing will save you from those socks :(

Well we haven’t finished yet with men’s accessories…what about a pair of handmade silver cufflinks to add a bit of sparkle and class to those shirt cuffs.  The market is saturated with cheap and guady cufflinks made in China – select quality Italian handmade cufflinks.  These are usually of unique design and often created by one of the world’s most respected jewelers.  Again harmonize your men’s cufflinks with the rest of the accessories is simple -  follow the rules of accent colours, although in the case of men’s cufflinks, a pair of gold or silver cufflinks could fit the bill perfectly.  

And now we come to men’s scarves … men’s scarves can be the pièce de résistance when it comes to tying an outfit together with most reputable fashion houses offering a plethora of stunning and colourful designs.  The rules are almost unlimited with mixing and matching designs within your accessories but always remember the golden rule to keep with the accent colour.  So when selecting your men’s scarf make sure the highlight color works back with the rest of the men’s accessories you are wearing.

That’s it…your done!  Now take out that classical bespoke suit which has rarely excited you and look to it for adventure.  It’s as easy as men’s accessories.