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Striped Pink Tie - Heavier Weight


A Stanley Tucci favorite - See PRESS ROOM for further details

Sourced from the renowned shores of Lake Como, Italy, it is our world class silk makers who form the foundation for Stanley Lewis men's ties. This impressive pink tie weighs approximately 81 grams while our Regular Weight Ties weigh approximately 55 grams. The Heavier Weight Tie gives a full bodied appearance while theRegular Weight Ties display a softer drape.  It is the wool interlining not the weight of the silk that gives this option.Remember there is no correct weight for a men's tie; it is purely a matter of personal choice as to whether you prefer a heavier or a lighter tie. Handmade by the most dedicated Italian artisans, this Stanley Lewis tie is made from Mogador - a 60% woven silk, 40% cotton combination and lined with 100% wool interlining. The blade measures 8.5cm, the length 144.5cm and the weight is approx. 50 grams.This brilliant pink tie features strongly on navy silk background and is lined and tipped with the Stanley Lewis Statement Orange silk, and comes presented in a handcrafted tie box.

Heavier Weight Tie (approx. 81 grams) - Handmade in Italy 


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