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The Silk

As with building an architectual monument, it is the foundation which is the making of a successful project.  Without proper foundations the quality of the end product is compromised.  The same principles apply when creating a masterpiece men's tie.  It is the silk which forms the foundation.  Stanley Lewis neckties are created using the finest silk available.  Woven by the world's most renowned and respected silk maker located in Como, Italy, the silk yarn grade is A6, which is simply the best. The silk is four ply pure silk requiring 30% more volume to achieve the generous thread count which gives the silk the beautiful feeling and texture of the best in the world.  Finally, the silk is finished using only natural processes such as steam and brushing so that the end product is the finest, softest available.  Driven by the intense passion for perfection, Stanley Lewis silk is without peer.                                                                                                                      


"Stanley Lewis is a master of the gentleman’s sock and accessories wear..."  Garet Field Sells-The Prorsum Imagist