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'Eros Deposes His Arms' - Iris Men's Silver Cufflinks



Designed exclusively for Stanley Lewis, these exquisite Cabochon men's cufflinks capture the spectacular essence of romance and seduction. Translucent shades expose the sensual character of Cabochon; a technique intensified using Venetian cameos. Stanley Lewis Cabochon silver cufflinks for men are made from Venetian glass and hand crafted by Italian designer ‘Tagliamonte’. Stanley Lewis and ‘Tagliamonte’ use mythological gods in their original splendor and translates their beauty into these limited edition silver cufflinks. This rare and exquisite craft dates back as far as the Mesopotamians-a technique and skill exclusive to the Tagliamonte family. Stanley Lewis Cabochon silver cufflinks are set in an antique 925 silver setting, handmade with precision and passion and portray a story Inspired by the need for balance. Presented in a genuine leather and suede cufflink box also handmade by one of Italy’s finest craftsmen, Stanley Lewis continues to challenge traditional boundaries with an unfailing commitment to excellence. SIZE - Cameo 19mm x 15mm THE STORY EROS DEPOSES HIS ARMS (quiver and arrows) Cupid the Roman god of Love, has always played a role in the celebration of Romance and is the most famous of all Valentine symbols. As the son of Venus, he is depicted as a mischievous, joyful winged child whose arrows pierce the hearts of his victims causing them to fall in love. Cupido means “desire” and his Greek counterpart Eros, is son of Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty. According to some legends Cupid (as Eros) arose out of Chaos, the beginning of time as vital force of erotic love, the creative urge of everlasting nature and the first born energy and light that is responsible for the coming into being and ordering all things in the cosmos. Cherubs are believed to be his descendants and depicted as lovable winged creatures without arrows or quivers and are symbols of protection, joy and glory.

Handmade in Italy

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