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Caring for your Stanley Lewis Silver Cufflinks

In caring for your Stanley Lewis silver cufflinks it is important to understand the different components used in creation these jewels.The fixtures on all Stanley Lewis men's cufflinks are hand made of sterling silver, that is, 92.5% silver. Pure silver is too soft, so copper is added to strengthen & give the cufflinks greater durability. Sterling silver will tarnish & scratch if not cared for properly. Tarnish must be removed regularly to keep the cufflinks looking new. Periodically polish your silver using a polishing cloth but be careful if you choose to use sterling silver dips as they may rub off the color. For a quick solution, dilute a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid & water. Make sure you dry the cufflinks thoroughly leaving no traces of moisture. Regularly check the claws of your cufflinks to ensure all stones are secure.  All Stanley Lewis silver cufflinks are presented in a genuine leather handmade cufflink box. The box is lined with suede & equipped with a fixture to secure your silver cufflinks for protective storage. Remember, prolonged, unprotected storage is when tarnishing & scratching occurs.

Caring for your Stanley Lewis Cufflinks