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Caring for your Stanley Lewis Tie

Stanley Lewis handmade Italian silk ties are Dry Cleanable Only.

Do not spot clean as silk is a very delicate material. Stain removers strip silk of their natural sheen and will destroy the luxurious appearance of the tie.

With any spills, take the tie as soon as possible to a reputable Dry Cleaner and ask for their advice. Remember, any treatment to silk will compromise its’ luster finish, so wear carefully.

When removing your Stanley Lewis tie, untie your tie using the same process as when you tied it, but in reverse. Never, ever remove the tie and leave the knot intact as it will most definitely cause damage to the tie.

For maximum performance and protection of a luxurious Stanley Lewis silk tie, we recommend wrapping the tie carefully around the ramp inside the Stanley Lewis box. This will accelerate the process of removing creases incurred from everyday wear as well as acting as a barrier from snags and dust.