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Company History

Stanley Lewis was founded in 2008 by Australian-based Anne Harding and her partner Stanley Crinis in an effort to restore balance to men, both in life and wardrobe.  Harding and Crinis pooled their extensive experience in fashion and retail to found the luxury brand. With Harding designing, Crinis was off to Italy intent on sourcing the most esteemed makers of gentlemen's accessories. Harding's committed to creating a unique and unrivalled luxury men's accessory brand, enabled Stanley Lewis to rival other well established luxury brands. The inspirational collection of Stanley Lewis men's accessories is comprised of a selection of fine Italian-made silk ties, men's socks, pocket squares, scarves and handmade silver cufflinks that coordinate to bring polish and sartorial flair to every gentleman's ensemble.

Stanley Lewis began its' retail presence in David Jones department stores in Australia in 2008, quickly followed by The Machiavelli Luxury Group in Russia, Rodeo Drive Boutiques in the AUE and Neiman Marcus department stores across the US. It was a brave but unplanned move to launch a luxury pitched new brand in the middle of the GFC. Throughout this time however a strong online presence was building. Stanley Lewis fast became a Hollywood favourite adorning celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr, Sheldon Turner, Rod Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and Zac Efron to name a few. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood could not however mask the effect of the GFC which had started to dramatically impact retail across the globe. This instability bought unpredictability to a point of jeopardising the brands future. A bold decision was made to focus on retaining a 'boutique' culture and offer a unique 'online only' experience to its niche cliental.

Stanley Lewis has remained true to its promise to deliver only the highest quality Italian made gentlemen's accessories. It continues to source the best ingredients, and apply the best craftsmanship to ensure brand integrity is never, ever compromised.