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Four-in-Hand Knot

The Four-in-Hand knotis the most popular style of knot and became fashionable in Great Britain in the 1850’s. The term ‘Four-in-Hand’ originally described a carriage with four horses and a driver. It later became the name of a famous gentleman’s club in London! TheFour-in-Hand knothas a more discreet appearance than the Windsor knot and suits most shirt collar styles. It is relatively simple to tie which is why it holds such great appeal. This knot provides a less formal atmosphere than the Windsor but will still perform well for just about any occasion.

Here are some easy pointers to help you tie the perfect Four-in-Hand knot;

Step 1.

Begin with the wide end of the tie on your right and position it so it is sitting 30cm longer than the narrow end.

Step 2.

Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and back underneath.

Step 3.

Continue by bringing the wide end around passing it across the front of the narrow part of the tie.

Step 4.

Bring the wide end up and through the loop.

Step 5.

Hold the knot loosely with your index finger and pass the wide end down through the loop in front.

Step 6.

Remove your index finger and tighten the knot carefully to the collar by holding the narrow end and gently sliding the knot up. To create the ultimate Four-in-Hand knot, remember to leave a ‘dimple’ in the place where you held the knot open. Remember, it is those finishing touches that leave a lasting impression.