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How to Fold a Pocket Square/Pochette

There are many different styles of folds for pocket squares and here we will touch on a few of the many ways of How to Fold a Pocket Square. With all pocket squares it is important to try for an ‘unfussed’ look rather than an ‘arranged’ look, unless of course you are folding a Blade or Straight Fold. Remember it is almost impossible to create the same fold each time for your pocket square. Try using a comb or ruler to smooth the pocket square down to the bottom of the inside of the pocket to avoid bulk and bulge on the outside. A smooth, flat outcome is what you are after. Here are a few suggested folds but better still, why not try your own personal fold:

THE PUFF FOLD — Pick up the pocket square in the center with the four points hanging down. Simply fold over and insert into your pocket so that just the puff is showing. As with all folds, it is mandatory the fabric spreads edge to edge of the opening of the pocket so that the pocket is filled with the pochette.

THE STRAIGHT FOLD — Fold the pocket square to 1/8th its full size. Position the pochette into place with ½ - 1 inch of razor straight square showing above the pocket.

THE FOUR POINT FOLD — Pick up each of the four ends/points and fold over leaving the ends/points higher than the middle. When positioning in pocket, place the pochette so the points show.

THE PEAK FOLD —  Start with the pocket square open and fold it over diagonally to form a triangle with the flat side to your right. Then fold the bottom edge up to be a little higher than the top right edge and position the left edge so it is slightly higher and to the right of the two peaks. Now there should have three peaks or triangles. Fold the square and insert so that the peaks will show out of the pocket.


How to Fold a Pochette