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How To Tie An Ascot Knot

How To Tie An Ascot Knot

The modern ascot tie consists of several pleats in the neckband, and two wide flaps of equal width coming to a point at the ends. Once worn only for formal occasions, today the Ascot Tie is popular in both formal and casual dress code alike.

When selecting your Ascot tie, choose the fabric carefully and take into consideration how your ascot will be worn. The Ascot Tie should be the highlight of your outfit - go for contrasting colors that will add a dash of color to your wardrobe. Stanley Lewis Ascotsare made of 100% Silk Twill making them one of the most durable and crease resistant fabrics.The designs focus on bold and impressive colors and patterns, each one double sided for maximum wear.

Although it is very simple to Tie an Ascot, many people find the task too difficult.The good news is, tying an ascot tie is as simple as tying any other necktie, in fact, it is simpler! If you are wearing a sports coat and button down shirt, tie the Ascot in the same manner you would tie a normal tie and wear the ascot outside the shirt for a more dressy look. Another option is to wear the Ascot tie in a similar way as you would wear a scarf. Tie a knot in the Ascot and Voila! Wear tucked into a shirt or untucked the choice is yours. The second option will give you a more casual look.

Step 1.

Tie the Ascot loosely around your neck so that the left end hangs two inches longer than the right end.

Step 2.

Wrap the left end of the tie over its right end.

Step 3.

Push the left end upwards, through the neck loop, so that it is now over the top of the right end of the tie.

Step 4.

Position the knot of the tie at the center of the ascot. Spread the sides slightly, in such a way that shallow creases form in the tie.

Step 5.

Undo the top button of your shirt so that you are able to tuck the ascot into the top of your shirt , adjust both the ends of the tie so that it sits in flat and in place and Voila!.

Step 6.

Wear with confidence and remember, this is the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart and show your distinctive style. How To Tie An Ascot Knot