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Pocket Squares

¨A suit or sports coat with an empty breast pocket is unfinished business.¨  Stanley Lewis

Using the most beautiful of silk and hand rolled by dedicated artisans in Como, Italy, the Stanley Lewis pocket square collection is indeed inspiring. Measuring 33cm x 33cm, this 100% silk collection of pocket squares feature a selection of soft pastels and gentle hues, as well as the more bold and classic shades. These silk pocket squares come embellised with the Stanley Lewis logo and due to the meticulous weave of the silk, offer a reversible option.  The 100% linen collection of pochettes/pocket squares are single sided and reflect luminosity and color which is sure to impress.

Purposefully created to harmonize with other accessories for men within the collection, this pochette range has been ‘Inspired by the need for balance’.

 Made in Italy

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